A much needed trip to see the sea. My sister took this photo of me looking out across the waves. The tide reminded me that life has a rhythm. Breathe in. Breathe out. The good always comes back around.

Glimpses Of Green In Boston

I travelled to Boston for the first time in April and was lucky enough to have a full day to wander around the city after I had finished work. The sky was bright blue and I walked almost ten miles taking in the sights, capturing little glimpses of green.

Sunday Song - Shine

I’ve been thinking about light a lot lately and have been starting to put together a playlist of songs to capture the creative thoughts I’m having. This version of Shine by Years & Years, covered by Ward Thomas fits right in. The harmonies are perfect for a Sunday. The picture is a corner of a painting from the Golden Age exhibition at the SMK in Copenhagen that really captured me.

Podcast - 99% Invisible, The Secret Lives of Colour

I bought this beautiful book by Kassia St Clair last year after seeing it on Emma Block’s Insta Stories. It’s been sitting in my ‘waiting to be read’ pile for a while but I haven’t quite got round to it. Then this week, I saw a link to a podcast that I hadn’t heard of before called 99% Invisible. This week’s episode of the podcast was an interview with Kassia. It’s a fascinating chat about the origins of some of the colours that she discusses in the book. Great for the artist in you.