Conscious Eating

I listened to a very absorbing Super Soul podcast this week in which Oprah spoke with Michael Pollan about conscious eating. He spoke about how in the past food was treated with so much more reverence & gratitude. People grew and harvested their own vegetables & fruit and therefore had knowledge & experience of the work it had taken to get it to the table. The family gathered & ate from one pot making it a truly communal experience. I’ve been vegetarian for about 30 years but found it interesting that Michael explained how meat was especially revered. In days gone by a priest would bless the animal and everyone would be thankful that it gave it’s life for them. It was a fascinating, engaging listen. I’d highly recommend it you’d like to think more about what you eat.



I love a simple Mediterranean way of eating, a chunk of bread & sweet raspberry jam, a small bowl of perfectly ripe apricots & coffee fresh from the pot. It reminds me of when my mum lived in France and we would sit on the balcony to eat breakfast & watch the world go by. When my mum moved, we didn’t know the details of our ancestry, she just felt compelled to spend time there and to learn the language. Then it came to light that her great grandfather had moved to England from Paris in the 1800s. There was a more profound reason for her wanderlust. Days like today make me reflect on how I came to this moment and with the stillness of the heat & simplicity of the food in front of me, I can feel my family history coursing through my veins.


Inspiration - Bonbi Forest

I’ve been really enjoying Lee Foster-Wilson aka Bonbi Forest’s Instagram photos and stories lately. Her style is so pretty, kind and full of heart. You can really tell that she is completely true to herself when she creates her designs. I have several of her enamel pin badges on my shopping list.

This is a lovely interview between Lee and another artist I love, Mel Chadwick. Sit down with a cuppa and enjoy : )

Vegan Banana & Date Loaf

Sunday morning and three bananas going slowly brown in the fruit bowl, perfect time for a little baking.  I found a recipe on BBC Good Food and adapted it by swapping the sugar for maple syrup and plain flour for spelt. The end result was quite dense but super tasty and I could feel the goodness in it : )

3 large ripe bananas
75g coconut oil
65ml maple syrup
225g spelt flour
2 tsp baking powder
2 tsp cinnamon
1 tsp nutmeg
1 tsp vanilla essence
50g chopped dates

Mash the bananas in a big bowl and add all the wet ingredients. Give it a good stir. Then add the dry ingredients and stir until everything is combined. Cook for approximately 40 minutes at 180 fan / 200 degrees. Cover with foil if you feel the top is browning too much. 

Allow to cool on a wire rack and then enjoy with a coffee and a pile of good books.