Comfort Blanket

I have travelled a fair amount in my life, for events that I have worked on and in the name of wanderlust. These days I find more and more that home is the best place to be but I hope this is just a phase and that I'll soon recapture the urge to explore. In the meantime, I have various things around my home that remind me of the far flung places I have been. This blanket is from magnificent Jaipur. Every single day it reminds me of the magic of the city and how it was an absolute assault on the senses in the best possible way. It takes me back to the tiny shop where the shop owners pulled out practically every blanket in the place trying to sell them to us. So wherever you go, buy a little reminder if you can, it doesn't have to be big, just a trinket that takes you back there and reminds you of the wonders of this beautiful world. And maybe this comfort blanket will spark just a little wanderlust in me and you.