Heroes - Zach Braff

Reader, I married him. Well, no, I didn't. But I did get *eye contact* when I attended a wonderful Q & A session with Zach Braff a couple of years ago. For me, Zach is a hero because of his tenacity, his passion for his art, his love of writing and music and his humour.

Zach ran one of the most successful Kickstarter campaigns ever to make his film Wish I Was Here which he directed and starred in. The film follows the story of Aidan Bloom, a struggling actor, father and husband who is trying to look after his family while finding his own purpose in life. It has echoes of his brilliant first film Garden State with a warmth and poignancy (and great soundtrack) that is unique to his style.

As Zach quotes Thomas Edison on his Kickstarter campaign page, "Hell, there are no rules here - we're trying to accomplish something." Yes.

Scroll down to see the trailer for Wish I Was Here and one of my favourite ever scenes from Scrubs : )