Like many of us I spend a lot of time sitting in front of a computer working and often, drawing or writing. A lot of time being stationary. I'm conscious of this and know I need to counterbalance it with exercise. I've also been talking to friends lately about how running makes them feel. Both mentally and physically. About how it can help to deal with stress and clear your mind.

One morning about three weeks ago, I woke up at 6am. It was light and bright outside. So I got up, put on my sports kit and trainers and headed out the door. And I ran. Only for one minute but I ran. As the books advise, I alternated running for one minute with walking for two. I didn't push myself. I listened to music. I looked at the sun shining through the trees. I noticed how many other people were out running! And it felt good. Two days later, I set my alarm for 6am and I went out again. And dare I say it, it was fun.

And as I turned in the direction of home, there was a little note on the pavement. My two new favourite pieces of advice - run and paint : )