Spending Autumn Equinox With Ryan Adams

Makes me want to be a little stronger, still I see monsters... - Ryan Adams, I See Monsters

I've been thinking a lot about the power of the connection that comes from creativity lately. I spent a lot of my younger years wanting to feel completely free creatively but somehow holding myself back, believing it to be self-indulgent. As time goes by, I realise that expressing yourself creatively actually is far from self-indulgent as it allows people to connect with you, it brings joy and let's you know there is someone who sees things exactly the same way as you. How can you find this connection if you don't show yourself? When you find someone whose art, music, film, photography, words or way of seeing things resonates with you, it's like the world make sense. And all you want to say is thank you.

For me, Ryan Adams is one of those people. I've listened to his music for nearly 20 years and seen him play live nine times. This week's gig fell on the Autumn equinox which felt like perfect timing. Ryan has a way of making you feel like his heart and soul are laid out on the stage. His vocals come from deep inside, his voice resonating in the darkness. It's the purity of the connection he creates that strikes me every time, it's like opening a portal into it being ok to be completely honest about being creative and human. Magical.