Podcast - Live Life Better

I've recently discovered the Live.Life.Better podcast hosted by Melissa Hemsley and have been listening to it on my commute. I listened to an episode about living clutter-free yesterday. It was perfect timing as I've been Spring cleaning this week. I found myself with three bags full of things to throw out and give to charity and now the bags have gone I really have no idea what was even in them. In the podcast, Sheila Chandra talks about how she was motivated to clear so that she could find things. I could relate as I often tidy or 'get things done' so I don't still have to do them. It allows me to relax. I'm not at all obsessive about it but I relate to the principle of a tidy space making life easier.

A Clutter-Free Life | Live.Life.Better. on acast

This week's episode is dedicated to clutter busting and spring cleaning - but how can we make a clutter-free life something that we cary through the whole year round? To help find the answers, Melissa Hemsley is joined by authors Sheila Chandra (Banish Clutter Forever) and Emma Gannon (Ctrl, Alt; Delete) who share practical tips.