Following Your Dreams

If you look at this page regularly, you will know that I'm a big fan of Holly Exley's work so it was lovely to see her vlog this week in which she announced that she is currently writing and illustrating her own vegan cookbook. This really resonated with me as Holly had previously mentioned on Twitter that she'd love to illustrate a vegan cookbook and she has obviously been mulling this over and has decided to be proactive and just do it herself. I love that Holly's loves of vegan food and illustration have combined to become a project that she's really excited about. And I love that publishing has reached a place where we can now come up with ideas and create our own books in a way that can sit alongside traditional companies. Publishing your own book isn't easy but it's challenging, absorbing and rewarding. I can't wait to buy the book that Holly's creating.


I love Cecilia Ahern's writing and how she always spins a little magic into her tales. Her latest book Lyrebird is just as magical as I hoped. 100 pages in and I'm hooked, reading a few pages at every opportunity. This time while having a little lunch of lentils, leeks & teriyaki tofu with a green tea. The feeling of not being able to put a book down can't be faked. Such a wonderful escape from the everyday.

A Christmas Book - Angel's Great Escape

Ok so this is a bit of a cheeky addition to the Quiet Life pages! But I'm so pleased that after four years of work, I have finally managed to publish my little story in print for little ones to read and enjoy in the lead up to Christmas. It's been such an absolute labour of love for me. With illustrations by the wonderful Kristyna Litten and design by lovely Sarah Goodwin, we are a tiny team of three and we are so proud of what we've created!

Today we are at number 57 in the Amazon Children's Christmas book chart and really hoping to get into the top 40! Don't forget to pop a copy in your Christmas shopping trolley : )

Bookish Inspiration - A Case For Books

Anna James also known as A Case For Books is a UK book journalist and 'soon to be' debut novelist. I really recommend her YouTube channel for some gentle and interesting ideas of current titles to seek out if you are wondering what to read next. I like how Anna uses pretty papers and letters in her videos and keeps the focus on the books themselves. They are really absorbing and her wealth of experience as a librarian and journalist make me trust her judgement. Worth a watch with a cup of tea.