Skating & Creating

"Everyone is an artist until they stop playing. That’s all it is. Art is just play." - Ed Templeton

I was introduced to Ed Templeton's photography and art by an old friend who taught me a lot about how creative skateboarders can be. I love Ed's spirit and tenacity and the creative connection he has with his wife Deanna. This is why I was intrigued to see him featured in this trailer on the Huck Magazine website this week. A teacher, Kelli Watson, has created a documentary about the connection between skaters and art which is being launched later this month. It should be a good watch.

You only have to spend five minutes watching the skaters on the Southbank to understand their tenacity and singlemindedness. It makes complete sense to me that this partners perfectly with the creative mind.


I've been watching Casey Neistat's vlogs since Holly Exley posted his Do What You Can't video on Twitter. I find Casey's work ethic and creative drive really inspiring. Through his channel I've also discovered the design work of his wife Candice and her jewellery company Billy! I found the video below really insightful. What's it like to be the wife of an internet superstar when you're not comfortable with the limelight? What's it like to dare to feel vulnerable?

Below is one of my photos from New York which I thought captured the idea of vulnerability. Click on it to watch Candice's interview with Behind The Brand.


This weekend we went for a beautiful walk in the woods. I bought some paper decorations for the little ones so we took them with us and played around taking photos of them blowing around in the breeze. The pink looked beautiful against the green of the leaves and I loved the contrast of nature and paper.

If In Doubt Create

I've been really inspired by YouTubers lately. When I was a teenager I loved making home movies. We used a massive clunky old video camera that you had to balance on your shoulder to film. Now you just need a phone and an idea. I filmed a few clips throughout January to play with and finally had time to cobble something together this weekend. It's my first real go at using iMovie and I have A LOT to learn but how brilliant is it that anyone with a phone and an internet connection can now make movies?