Going To The Movies At Midday

Going to the movies is usually a weekend treat or something to do in the evening. There is something that feels so utterly indulgent about going in the middle of the day. It's a bit like skiving off school.

Today, I skived. I went to see the utterly magical La La Land with a lovely friend of mine. It was everything I wanted a film to be. Completely unashamedly romantic which seems rare these days. Nostalgic, amusing, beautiful to look at and emotional. And such a lovely soundtrack. One for lovers of Singing In The Rain, Moulin Rouge, Funny Face and Roman Holiday. And all the better for the fact I saw it at midday when I should have been working. Such a treat.

A Little Bit Of Nostalgia

I have such fond memories of visiting the Natural History Museum when I was little. I remember Dippy the diplodocus absolutely towering over me as I walked into the front entrance hall holding my nana's hand. I was amazed by him and always imagined him coming to life at night.

Recently it was announced that Dippy is being removed from the entrance hall and will be going on tour. He's been at the museum since 1905 and in his current location since 1979 so has been a part of thousands of childhoods. As I walked past the museum today I felt compelled to pop in to see him before he left.

I stood for a long while looking at him and remembering how I felt. He looked smaller (of course) but the feeling of awe came flooding back to me and I could feel my younger self grinning from ear to ear. Thank you for the memories Dippy : )