I'm obsessed with these colours at the moment. And I'm also very much still learning about watercolour. I like how this musing feels like a map of my state of mind. I generally let the paints flow but tried to also experiment with putting water on the paper first and dotting colour here and there to see how it progressed. Very good for the soul.


Experiments In Watercolour

This is a little corner of one of the mini abstracts in my watercolour sketchbook. I've mentioned before how therapeutic I find drawing or painting and playing with watercolours is a wonderful meditation. I am learning about how the paints behave with more or less water. And letting them seep into each other teaches me to relinquish control and to let the painting be what it wants to be.


Watercolour Classes

A couple of months ago I took myself along to a watercolour class organised by the lovely Emily Quinton from Makelight at her wonderful studio. The class was led by Emma Block whose work I have admired on Instagram for a while (see below for an example of her lovely posts). Emma taught us about how to mix colours, which pigments work well with others and why. We also learnt about different techniques to achieve different effects, such as putting water on the page first or using a dry brush.

Since trying the class I've applied the techniques I learnt every time I paint. It's made me feel more confident and I've experimented more with new ideas. And I had a lovely day meeting some fellow creatives and eating cake : )

For information about Emma's classes, click here. For information about Emily's classes, click here. I'd really recommend both.

Marloes De Vries

When I was starting on my own illustration path, Marloes De Vries was one of the first illustrators who inspired me on social media. Her style showed me a new little creative world that I didn't know existed. I knew I wanted to draw and paint but hadn't thought about how light and fun illustration could be.

Marloes journals her own life through drawings and paints with a beautiful palette. This morning she posted a sweet little video on Instagram, showing her process for painting a flourishing greenhouse. Below is my attempt at something similar.


Welcome to The Quiet Life

Welcome to The Quiet Life. I wanted to create a quiet place to counterbalance the busy nature of life today. This blog will slowly fill up with little things I find that make me happy, pretty things, interviews with creatives, writing, photographs, newly discovered music, films to help you switch off and a glimpse into creative projects. I hope that you find it a calm, relaxing place to enjoy a little bit of the quiet life too.