Frannerd At The MET

I love New York. I love illustration. I love the MET. And I love Frannerd. So I really loved this video. Fran really inspires me to get out and about to draw and study classical art for inspiration.

I also loved seeing the Temple of Dendur when I visited. I read that the room was known as Jackie’s nightlight because JFK had the light in the room left on each night so his wife could see it across Central Park. I’ve no idea if it’s true but what a romantic story.


Humankind by Dan Mace

I’ve been watching Dan’s channel since he launched it earlier this year and it’s like watching the sparks of his creative imagination burn brighter and brighter. His latest project Humankind is his most ambitious yet. He appealed to film makers across the world to contribute clips and has brought 100 of them together to make something truly beautiful. In four minutes he takes us around the world and shows how we are all one human. Just stunning. 

Create - Making An Anthem Out Of Sounds

"I left my studio behind and went on an epic journey. I wanted to see if I could capture the song, what it is that makes us, us."

I posted a few days ago about Dan Mace, a director I discovered via Casey Neistat's channel on YouTube. Inspired by his vision and creativity, I've been watching Dan's back catalogue and found this absolute gem. Magical.

If In Doubt Create

I've been really inspired by YouTubers lately. When I was a teenager I loved making home movies. We used a massive clunky old video camera that you had to balance on your shoulder to film. Now you just need a phone and an idea. I filmed a few clips throughout January to play with and finally had time to cobble something together this weekend. It's my first real go at using iMovie and I have A LOT to learn but how brilliant is it that anyone with a phone and an internet connection can now make movies?