Going To The Movies At Midday

Going to the movies is usually a weekend treat or something to do in the evening. There is something that feels so utterly indulgent about going in the middle of the day. It's a bit like skiving off school.

Today, I skived. I went to see the utterly magical La La Land with a lovely friend of mine. It was everything I wanted a film to be. Completely unashamedly romantic which seems rare these days. Nostalgic, amusing, beautiful to look at and emotional. And such a lovely soundtrack. One for lovers of Singing In The Rain, Moulin Rouge, Funny Face and Roman Holiday. And all the better for the fact I saw it at midday when I should have been working. Such a treat.

Monday Movie - Annie Hall

I always feel drawn to watch Woody Allen films as they come out at the cinema. There's something so comfortable and familiar about his scripts. His writing is a study in itself and the humour and awkwardness that he portrays is so watchable. I've watched Annie Hall several times. I really wanted to be Diane Keaton. I liked her honesty and quirkiness and related to her vulnerability and insecurity. The film is quite melancholic in places and the humour kind of sneaks up on you. But it's rather perfect for a rainy Monday night.

Christmas As Seen By Wes Anderson

There's always tough competition for who is going to produce the best Christmas advert in the UK. This year, the clear winner has to be H & M who have engaged the wonderful Wes Anderson to direct their Christmas masterpiece.

Oh my goodness, it's beautiful. Wes Anderson has the most perfect eye for detail and symmetry. It's so pleasing to the eye with every square inch of the frame considered. Enjoy.