A Little Bit Of Coffee & Calm

I was rushing around one day last week, trying to run errands before I was due to head out of London. I decided to reprioritise and carved out a much needed hour for myself to sit with a coffee and read a magazine before I got on the train. It's so important to take time for yourself, to stop ticking boxes and breathe for a moment. I read a lovely article in SImple Things magazine (my favourite!) about how to find calm. Why not get yourself a coffee too and have a read by clicking here : )

Podcast - Being Freelance

The Being Freelance podcast really inspires me. It's run by Steve Folland who chats to creatives about how they make being freelance work for them. I like listening to the episodes when I'm walking or commuting. Today I listened to an episode from October 2016 in which Steve chatted with Sarah Tasker, a Yorkshire based freelancer who has built a very successful career using Instagram. A great listen if you are just starting out on your creative journey or want to grow your creative business.


This weekend we went for a beautiful walk in the woods. I bought some paper decorations for the little ones so we took them with us and played around taking photos of them blowing around in the breeze. The pink looked beautiful against the green of the leaves and I loved the contrast of nature and paper.

Words On The Street

As you'll be starting to realise if you read this page regularly, I love spotting little details as I walk around the city, things that others may not have noticed. Here are a few of my spots from New York.

Ace Hotel - New York

I was lucky enough to be working in New York last month. What a town! I had no idea how much I would love it. One of the places we visited was the Ace Hotel. I had read it was a place where writers, film makers and artists go for meetings and to work on their projects and sure enough the lobby was full of creative types chattering around MacBooks. I loved the feel of the hotel and all the little details in everything. It made me feel really inspired.



This week as I've been on my travels I've found myself drawn to soft shades of green when I'm looking for little bits of pretty. It must be something to do with the approach of winter. Greens are becoming more muted as nature goes into hibernation and something in me is clinging on to those little signs of life.

Words Beneath My Feet

I went to a Headspace seminar a few years ago to learn about mindfulness and one of the techniques they taught us was mindful walking. It's simply noticing your surroundings and breath rather than missing everything by thinking about problems or plans. I like noticing little details like words beneath my feet especially ones you wouldn't expect to see.


I had the absolute pleasure of visiting Emily Quinton's Makelight studio earlier this year to attend a watercolour course. It's such a beautiful place, absolutely full of light and inspiration. Meeting Emily and seeing her studio really made me think about how you can create your own creative life. Emily runs courses, teaches photography and blogs / writes about her experience and life. I find her really inspiring and love her newsletters arriving in my inbox. Have a little nose around her website and blog, I hope she inspires you too. After all, who wouldn't want to make light?