My name is Kirstie and I started And So We Begin in 2012 as a home for my creative ideas. My first project as a company was Angel's Great Escape: A Christmas Story, which was created as an app and then as an ebook before being produced in print for Christmas 2016. Angel's Great Escape was soon followed by the Snow Globe: A Christmas Treat app, which shared the same characters in a simple, interactive game for little ones. 

When I started my company, I thought of myself as a writer and project manager but I've since found my love of illustration really developing and now I spend a lot of my time drawing and creating prints and cards that you will find in my shop. I am completely self taught and love making things that bring a little warmth, cosiness and joy.

I also work as a freelance event manager. If you would like to contact me about events work, please email

Another part of this site is my Quiet Life blog, which I have created as a side project. I wanted a place to counterbalance the busy nature of life today and it's pages will slowly fill up with little things I find that make me happy, pretty things, interviews with creatives, writing, photographs, newly discovered music, films that help me switch off. I hope that you find it a calm, relaxing hideaway where you can enjoy a little bit of the quiet life too.

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