Feast on a fantastically fruity fairy cake. Indulge in an incredibly impressive ice cream cake. Treat yourself to twenty six tasty tongue-twisters, then dream up dozens of your own delicious delights! An Amazing Alphabet of Cake is written and illustrated by Kirstie Rowson, published on 30 November and is exclusively available on Amazon.

A fun, indulgent and colourful ABC picture book with over 40 different characters including lions, tigers, cats, wizards, a mini dachshund, boys, girls, a flamingo, badgers, a bear, a fox and even Father Christmas. There's a whole world of cuteness and cake to explore and enjoy.

An Amazing Alphabet of Cake started life as a game that Kirstie has played for many years with the little ones in her life, making their way from A to Z coming up with elaborate, exciting, crazy, cake creations. Originally inspired by her Dad, it's a wonderful way to while away car journeys and a lovely game to play when you're snuggled up ready to snooze, especially after enjoying a slice of Victoria sponge