Drawing Frida Kahlo

Since I started drawing, I've noticed that so many illustrators are inspired by Frida Kahlo and her iconic appearance. When Mexican Pink was announced as the #colour_collective colour recently, her image was the first thing to come to mind. A lot of people draw Frida with flowers in her hair but for some reason, pink made me think of pompoms so I adapted her headdress a little. The end result was quite different from my usual style but this is what I love about these illustration challenges, they push me out of my comfort zone and make me create new things.

If you like my version of Frida, I've popped it in my Society 6 shop as a print.


Colour Collective 2017

The #colour_collective challenge has been running on Twitter for two years now. It's a lovely community of artists and illustrators and also a brilliant incentive to practice drawing each week. Lovely Penny Neville-Lee started the challenge and continues to post a new colour every Saturday. We then all create a piece inspired by that colour and post our pictures at 19:30 GMT on the following Friday evening.

The first colour of this year was Aureolin Yellow. Here's my contribution : )