Building A Website With Squarespace

Welcome to my new website! I've been spending the last couple of weeks having a virtual declutter and spruce and I really hope you like the new look.

I've really enjoyed using Squarespace for my site refresh. I've noticed their logo at the bottom of a few sites I've liked so I spent some time browsing through their templates and watching the Getting Started video. I wanted something that was really easy to use, clean cut and flexible and they really fit the bill.

I know that the idea of building a website can be quite intimidating and I have to confess I do have some experience of building websites from a previous job but I think that a complete beginner would find Squarespace easy to use. Their whole premise is built around using blocks. You can add pages, blog posts, forms, images and galleries really easily at the touch of a button and there's a style editor that means changing fonts and style elements across your site is super easy. I think the best way to overcome any fear about trying is to have a go. Squarespace offer a free trial so if you are hoping to start your own web presence, have a go!

Here are five things I enjoyed about using Squarespace.

1. It's cheap and cost effective at only $12 a month for a personal site when you pay annually.

2. You can use your own domain name by asking your host (or domain parking service) to help you to redirect it.

3. The look is really clean cut and you can incorporate images really easily. If it's helpful to know, I'm using the Native template.

4. You can integrate a shop into your site. I'm working on this at the moment but it appears to be really simple. I've had an Etsy shop up until now but am looking forward to having a shop within my own site.

5. It's super flexible and because of this, it's easy to keep updating things to keep your site fresh. This is a really great when you are a small (i.e. one person!) business and doing everything yourself.