Kristyna Litten Working With Aardman Animations

Four years ago I started work on a project that became my passion, turning a little story I had written into something that I could share with others. Angel's Great Escape was the reason I started my little company and the start of a journey that is still winding. At the time, I hadn't really started drawing and I really wanted to work with someone who was experienced. Luckily the lovely team at Arena Illustration introduced me to Kristyna Litten who visualised the characters exactly as I saw them. Together with book designer Sarah Goodwin and app creator Stefan Nowak we created a product that could be shared around the world. (And I'm excited to say the book will soon finally be available in print but more on that later!)

I loved working with Kristyna and was so chuffed to read in the Arena newsletter this week that she was commissioned to work with Aardman Animations on the new DFS adverts. Kristyna created illustrations of DFS employees and these were then adapted by Aardman to produce animated adverts. You can read a lot more about the project and see Kristyna's drawings here. And here's the first advert. It's so cute and has all the hallmarks of Aardman's warm and cosy style. Lovely. Congratulations Kristyna!