New Year To Do List

Here at And So We Begin central (also know as my desk) the year is off to a project-packed start. This obviously called for a new notebook. In And So We Begin Pink. It's my first Leuchtturm1917. It's got a contents page and page numbers. And yes, I'm going to say it, I think it might be better than a Moleskine. Gasp.

Before we all keel over with the shock of my last statement, here's a little peek into my New Year To Do list.

1. Angel's Great Escape - The Picture Book!
Although I started the company to publish my story, Angel's Great Escape as an app, I have always seen the story in other formats too so this year I'll be taking a sideways step into the world of traditional publishing. It's already proving to be quite an adventure and I'll be sharing a bit of insight into the journey in another post shortly.

2. The Novel
Last year I started work on a novel for 8 - 12 year olds. At about 50,000 words in I had to go back to my day job of events management and my characters were left dangling. This month I have had time to finish the novel which has meant a lot of re-reading and editing. Then a week or so ago there was a flurry of excitement on Twitter as Chicken House Books announced that they were having an open submissions day because 'everyone is a bit gloomy in January'. It certainly brightened my day. And my five chapters are ready to send off tomorrow!

3. The Radio Sitcom
For the past six years I have been working on a sitcom script with one of my best friends. It's all a bit top secret squirrel but this month we have been re-writing the sitcom as a radio pilot. After six years of writing and re-writing, we know our characters really well and can often be heard saying things like, "Oh no, he wouldn't say that, he'd say…" We had a read-through with some friends last week and recorded it so we could hear the script as if it was on the radio. It was a merry-go-round of accents and attempts at sound-effects. With some more tweaks it's now time to send it to an 'interested party' (she said mysteriously!)

4. The Next App
I had a great meeting with Stefan, the developer behind my first two apps, last week. He is working on some really interesting coding at the moment that has given me lots of food for thought about my next app project. We talked about children being able to use apps to tell a story themselves which is an idea I find interesting. I also followed the London Book Fair Tech Tuesday on Twitter this week. Nosy Crow did a great write-up and I was particularly interested in Stuart Dredge's comments about delivering stories differently. The idea I have been working on has the potential for more engagement so I think a little more time on the drawing board before moving forwards will work well.

So in summary, LOTS of writing to do. Best get back to that Leuchtturm1917!