Creative Challenge: Colour Collective

After #illo_advent finished on Christmas Eve, I found myself wanting to draw *ALL* the time. I really missed the daily challenge and still found myself waking up thinking about what I was going to try to draw that day. I missed sharing my pictures too and looking through everyone else's fun illustrations.

So I was *VERY* excited to see that Penny Neville-Lee had decided to start another illustration challenge for the New Year. The #colour_collective challenge started last week and it feels a little bit like it's Christmas again! Penny posts a chosen colour on Sunday night and not just simple colours but paint colours with gorgeous names that sound like magic spells.

Then all week illustrators (and amateurs like me!) work on their pictures; drawing whatever the colour inspires. Then at 19:30 GMT on Friday eve there is a flurry of activity as everyone posts their pictures at once with the hashtag #colour_collective.

It's great fun! I drew week 1 by hand and then coloured it in Photoshop but this week I bought a Wacom tablet and pen so had my first foray into drawing digitally.

Week 1: Cadmium Yellow
I decided to play with a little texture on this one, I'm not sure it's quite working but I like how much the yellow stands out on the dark blue.

Week 2: Opera Rose
As a cheeky little extra, I've added a little animation to this one!