Illustration Inspiration

I was lucky enough to have time to visit the Cambridge School of Art's Children's Book Illustration Graduate Exhibition today. I have visited the exhibition before and now know to put it in my diary as it is always so wonderful. The calibre of the work is incredibly high and the styles of the artists are really varied.

One of the main things I enjoy is the absolute treat of being able to look through the illustrators' sketch books. It seems to me very brave to share your sketchbook in its entirety, like a sneak peek into the workings of the individual's creative mind. You can also leave comments and gather beautiful business cards with artist's website addresses so you can browse more of their work later.

This year really didn't disappoint. I wandered around for almost two hours absorbing the detail and care that the students had put into their presentations. Where else can you see a hoovering dog, a pencil princess, a party planning chicken and a lion who lives in a dance hall?

Below are just a few of my photos. So much gorgeousness! Please click on each picture to link to the artist's own website. All artwork is of course the sole property of each artist.