Little Bit Of Pretty

And So We Begin has been on a short hiatus while my freelance events work has been busy bees and all of my energy has been taken up with spreadsheets and short haul flights. While my day job takes up the physical hours of my day, my mind is quietly ticking away as always, planning creative projects. Behind the scenes, I'm working on lots of designs for my Etsy shop, practicing drawing nearly every day, sending my children's novel and script off to agents, plotting out a new novel and making plans for Angel's Great Escape for this Christmas. More on all of those things soon!

Meanwhile, I have found a small way to spark my creative mind and to ensure that however much I am consumed by logistics and planning, I am always looking out for the magic in the everyday. And so, I started a hashtag #littlebitofpretty. I use it on my Twitter and Instagram posts when I see something that makes me smile. This could be a little splash of colour, some yummy food or just the heart-shaped finish to my morning latte. Have a look for #littlebitofpretty on social media and why not use it yourself as a simple way to brighten your day. I'll look out for your posts : )