Making A Mess

Sometimes it's so good just to sit with my paints with no idea what I'm going to make. Seeing beautiful bright art on Instagram by artists such as By Bun and Etta Vee made me want to reach for my acrylics. I had no clue what I wanted to paint but I knew it needed some mint green, magenta and cyan blue. I cut circles of silver sequins from a magazine and added them to the mix of colours. I've also been missing brush lettering so pulled my lovely bottles of Winsor & Newton ink from my art stash. I'd spent all weekend with lovely friends who laugh a lot and it felt so quiet in my flat so I painted the first words that came to mind... The silence is so loud when you leave. The result was a mass of colour and texture. It didn't matter how it looked... It was the act of making a mess that felt so good. I highly recommend it as a way to while away an evening : )