5 Podcasts I Love To Listen To While I Draw


One thing I love about spending the day illustrating is that I can listen to something while I draw, whereas when I'm writing I need the white noise of a cafe or silence. The radio often keeps me company but I also love hearing people's stories and experiences so am always on the lookout for engaging podcasts. These are my current favourites.

1. Hashtag Authentic
This inspiring podcast is hosted by Sara Tasker who is an Instagram influencer and photographer, going by the name of @me_and_orla. Sara has a beautiful eye and aesthetic and has grown her business organically by doing something she loves. Each episode features an interview with a fellow creative or small business owner focusing on coaching and helping makers to achieve their dreams.
Click here to listen to Hashtag Authentic

2. Being Freelance
Steve Folland interviews a whole host of creative freelancers including illustrators, writers, graphic designers and bloggers about their creative journey. Steve is a really engaging interviewer with a genuine interest in what makes freelancers tick. Great inspiration whatever stage you are at in your story.
Click here to listen to Being Freelance

3. Desert Island Discs
A few years ago I discovered that there are decades of archives for Desert Island Discs on iTunes *cue disappearing down the rabbit hole!* The combination of stories and music is so simple but so absorbing and it's fascinating hearing people's stories and emotional connections to the songs.
Click here to listen to Desert Island Discs 

4. The Creative Penn
As I talked about in my last blog post, I was lucky enough to attend a writing masterclass with Joanna Penn recently and it's led me to discover her back catalogue of podcasts. There are over 300 of them! Joanna is a warm, knowledgeable and light hearted presenter with a clear passion for her subject and for supporting independent creatives.
Click here to listen to The Creative Penn

5. Dinner Party Download
I like to listen to this podcast when I want to catch up on a bit of culture. It bills itself as a 'fast and funny hour of culture, food and conversation...' with a format that mirrors a dinner party. Each episode has an icebreaker, a cocktail, main course and dessert and the cheery presenters, Rico Gagliano and Brendan Francis Newnam, are the cherry on top.
Click here to listen to Dinner Party Download

I'd love to hear about podcasts that you enjoy or recommend, please tweet or get in touch via my contact page.