The Therapeutic Power Of Making Patterns With Photoshop


I was talking to my sister today about how my love of illustration seems to have almost come from nowhere. I started drawing about three years ago to get through a tough time and it's stayed with me as something I use almost as a meditation. It's my absolute go-to to switch off, clear my head and to relax at the end of the day.

I mainly draw animals and people but recently I got a little obsessed with drawing patterns. The repetition is very therapeutic and Photoshop is the perfect tool to help to create something that's uniform but also still has character.

For the design below I used Photoshop with Kyle T Webster's brushes. My favourite brushes are Kyle's Paintbox - Gouache A Go Go and Kyle's Inkbox - Your New Favourite Inker. The gouache brushes in particular have a lovely soft sweeping texture to them. It really feels like I'm actually painting but then I can easily repeat layers to create something that covers the canvas.

The video below will give you a little insight into how I put it together and this pattern, alongside two others, is now available as a postcard in my Etsy shop.