Back To The Books & Brushes

This week I'm really looking forward to starting work on picture book number three. I've been completely absorbed by my day job lately working on a busy event. I love collaborating with a brilliant team to produce exciting events but I find myself really missing drawing. It's become like a friend to me.

After an event I always need a few days to wind down and for me, this means hiding out at home and getting back to drawing. It's meditative and re-engages my creative brain. I sketch, draw and paint with no plan or purpose. This time, I realised I haven't drawn digitally for over a month and it was really nice to get back to my digital brushes. I found this calm little scene appearing on the page. And today, despite telling myself I would have the weekend off, I couldn't resist starting some pencil sketches for the new book. I'm looking forward to sharing my process and progress. As always, if in doubt, create.