Recapturing The Spark

Switching from day job to creating again is sometimes hard and this time I seem to have found it more tricky than usual. It’s mainly lethargy that holds me back. I’m tired from working but frustrated that I don’t have non-stop energy to create when I finally have a little time out. At the same time I’m so aware that I need balance and need to give myself a break. So today, rather than work on any one project, I gave myself permission to potter, to let my mind do what it wanted for a change. I wanted to get some air and to be by the water without having to go too far out of the city. So I jumped on a train and headed to the river.  I took my camera and found myself filming with my phone too. It felt good to lose track of time and to create something spontaneously. Video coming soon : )

If you feel a bit lost creatively, even momentarily, be kind to yourself. Give yourself permission to switch off and allow your mind to roam. Take the pressure off. Walk away for a little while. Do something else that feeds your soul, whether that’s spending time with family, going out with your camera or just having a stroll in nature. The muse will return when the time is right.