Letters From A Hopeful Creative

I've been devouring all of the episodes of this excellent podcast from Sara Tasker and Jen Carrington, Letters From A Hopeful Creative. This episode particularly struck me. Knowing our worth and not underselling ourselves as illustrators is important not only to us as individuals but to the industry as a whole. Creativity takes time and energy, just the same as any other job. It's taken me so long to realise that it's not frivolous or a luxury to create, it has its place like everything else and should be financially rewarded in the same way.

"Let's talk about pricing and knowing your worth" from Letters From A Hopeful Creative by Sara Tasker & Jen Carrington on Apple Podcasts

In this week's episode Sara and Jen respond to a letter writer whose business is doing well but they're still struggling to make it work financially because they're not charging enough. They dive into how to price your products and services in a w