Picture Book Progress

I’ve been taking a break from working on And So We Begin projects and in particular my third picture book while I’ve been helping to look after my family. I’ve been quite open on Twitter that my nephew received a stem cell transplant last year after he was diagnosed with acute myeloid leukaemia. Thankfully and brilliantly, he is recovering really well. Before this happened I had no knowledge of stem cell donation and now, I can’t talk about it enough and am encouraging everyone I meet to sign up as a donor with DKMS or Anthony Nolan.

I now find that I have a little time again to juggle creating with my day job as an event manager. So this week I revisited the illustrations that I had started drafting for my third picture book. I had been toying with two ideas and thought I was going in one direction. But when I came back to review the project I realised that actually I am more drawn to my second idea. And that idea features this little guy. He doesn’t have a name yet but he does have a story. So hopefully you’ll be seeing a lot more of him!