Changing Seasons

It’s been over a year since we started work on our first little app and my, how the year has flown. While And So We Begin is getting up and running, I live a secret double life as a freelance event manager and this year has taken me to the wonders of Jaipur and the super-cool city of Berlin, leaving little time for creative pursuits (apart from taking photographs!)

In the brief moments of calm, I have squirreled away like a woodland creature in the night and several app and book ideas are slowly emerging as scribbled words, pencil sketches and cost projection spreadsheets.

And so I find myself here as the season’s change, starting to think about the lead up to Christmas and how Angel’s Great Escape: A Christmas Story will find it’s place in the crowded Christmas market of 2013.

On that note, I am very pleased to announce that we will be releasing a FREE app to support our little angel. Myself, Stefan and Kristyna are busy working to get the new app released next month so more news will follow very soon.

A little clue to get you thinking: it’s ‘snow’ joke.