Books Are My Bag

I first saw the flash of orange of the Books Are My Bag campaign at the London Book Fair earlier this year so was a bit giddy with excitement to see all the coverage of today's Big Bookshop Party. The #booksaremybag and #BAMB hashtags were soon trending on Twitter this morning. I spent a happy hour with my poached eggs on toast reading through all the posts and looking at all the smiley photos of book lovers with their new purchases.

I always love a leisurely browse around a bookshop but all the online chatter made me even more excited than usual to get down to my local store. Alas, no tote bags were left but I did bag a fab bookmark and gathered an armful of books to add to my shelves.

I made a beeline for Maggie O'Farrell's Instructions For A Heatwave, a novel I have been meaning to buy for a while. I have all of her books and have read most of them at least twice. She is an exceptional storyteller, one who I recommend to everyone I know. Then there was Joanne Harris' latest, Peaches For Monsieur Le Curé. I can't wait to catch up with Vianne and her girls and to see which magical place the story will take her to next.

As always, I was drawn to the children's book section next. It's good to see what's currently on the shelves as I work quietly at my various projects. What is popular? What catches my eye? What are the children looking for as they browse the shelves? Where will my books sit on the shelves?

I picked up a book I've been excited to read, Shifty McGifty & Slippery Sam by Tracey Corderoy & Steven Lenton. I've seen a lot about this book on Twitter and it totally lives up to expectations. Brilliant rhymes and charming pictures. I absolutely love it and know the little ones will too.

Next was a book I had planned to track down by a new Twitter friend, Wendy Meddour. Wendy Quill Is A Crocodile's Bottom looks so much fun it was a must-buy. I'm so utterly impressed that the illustrations are by Wendy's 11 year old daughter. What a brilliantly inspirational back-story for the littlies, who will be the lucky recipient of this book (once I've had a cheeky read first!)

Finally another Nosy Crow book, Meet The Grunts by Philip Ardagh which looks like the perfect afternoon's entertainment for a certain little boy I know. I read the first few pages as I stood in the shop and was tempted to take a seat by the tropical fish tank and carry on reading!

A successful trip all round and confirmation that books are indeed my bag!