Little Bit Of Pretty Episode One

A little while ago I took myself out for a stroll to seek out my creative spark. A lot of long days at work had left me feeling lethargic so I strolled along the river and let my mind roam freely.

While I walked, I thought about how looking for a little bit of pretty in the everyday has helped me to overcome many difficult moments in my life. It gives me something to focus on, encourages me to walk mindfully, paying attention to my surroundings. And it reminds me of the beauty in the everyday. And so I filmed a little and ended up making the first in a small series of #littlebitofpretty films. I hope you enjoy it!

I’d love to encourage you to look for your own #littlebitofpretty in your day and to use the hashtag on Instagram if you’d like to share it. You’ll see some of my previous finds if you search for the hashtag too : )