Little Bit Of Pretty Episode One

A little while ago I took myself out for a stroll to seek out my creative spark. A lot of long days at work had left me feeling lethargic so I strolled along the river and let my mind roam freely.

While I walked, I thought about how looking for a little bit of pretty in the everyday has helped me to overcome many difficult moments in my life. It gives me something to focus on, encourages me to walk mindfully, paying attention to my surroundings. And it reminds me of the beauty in the everyday. And so I filmed a little and ended up making the first in a small series of #littlebitofpretty films. I hope you enjoy it!

I’d love to encourage you to look for your own #littlebitofpretty in your day and to use the hashtag on Instagram if you’d like to share it. You’ll see some of my previous finds if you search for the hashtag too : )

This Week's Video - Sunday Drawing Episode 3

This week's video shows me drawing some little mindful faces using my favourite Faber Castell watercolour pencils. I wanted to show a simple glimpse of how they work when you add water to the pencil marks. I am very much a beginner at the moment and pretty much just slosh it on! I love the messy imperfect effect and the texture that the pencils create.

Once again, I'm learning a lot about editing with each video I make. This week I learnt about adding an adjustment layer to brighten footage, when I realised that everything I had filmed made it look like it was twilight! Premiere Pro is so brilliant, I know I am only scratching the surface at the moment and can't wait to learn so much more.

As an aside, I chose a soft house track from Epidemic Sound to accompany my drawing. I'm not sure it works... But it does reflect how uplifting I find drawing : )

Practice - Brush Lettering (& Video Editing)

I've been really enjoying making my Sunday drawing videos but when I found myself wide awake at 6am the other morning, I thought I'd make a little something different. I love the flow of ink on the page when I'm brush lettering and a short video can capture this so nicely. My editing is very imperfect still but it's so nice learning, choosing music and creating something small to share.

If you want to learn more about brush lettering, have a little look at my brush lettering website.

This Week's Video - Sunday Drawing Episode 2

I've lived in London for many years and had never visited Holland Park so I left the house early when half the city was still asleep and had a lovely wander round. I started by spending some time sharing my breakfast with the squirrels in the Japanese garden and then strolled by the peacocks to get a coffee and to admire the wisteria which was in full bloom. The park looked amazing in the sunshine and I found myself totally absorbed in drawing. Filming footage on my iPhone SE was easy and mini projects like this are really helping me to learn more about editing with Premiere Pro. I hope you enjoy this little glimpse of London in the sun.

This Week's Video - Sunday Drawing

Hello lovelies! So, I really enjoyed making my Drawing Mr Handsome video last week. It made me feel nostalgic for my teenage years when I used to play around filming my sister on a massive old VHS camera as she pretended to be a presenter. I then went on to study media at university mainly so I could run around with a camcorder. I loved it.

I've also been feeling curious about Premiere Pro as two friends of mine who are editors have recommended it. So I downloaded a trial from Adobe and while I was out for the day visiting some friends I filmed some footage on my iPhone. I also signed up for a trial of Skillshare so that I could watch some Premiere tutorials to get started. It took me a bit of trial and error but below is the result of my first attempt. I loved making it and it's really inspired me to think about more video ideas. I'm not sure where this fits into my plan for my illustration / publishing business but it's sparked my curiosity so let's see! I hope you enjoy watching it. Please comment on the video on YouTube if you like it.

Drawing Mr Handsome - My First Illustration Video

After watching wonderful illustrators such as Holly Exley and Frannerd on YouTube, I love the idea of making videos of drawing. I find illustration videos really relaxing and interesting to watch. I also love the ones where drawing is shown in real time rather than shown in timelapse as I think it allows you to really see the technique used by the creator. So here's my first attempt. I find myself drawing a character I like to call Mr Handsome over and over again so he seemed to be a logical first subject. I used an iPhone SE to film and iMovie to do a little editing. I really am very much a beginner and never underestimate just how much work vloggers do to make their videos so beautiful! I hope you enjoy it : )