Be The One Who Brings The Light

While work is busy, I like to give my mind a little break from working on any particular project and I find myself channelling my creativity into painting and lettering. I keep my paints, paper and water out on the coffee table to encourage myself to mess around and see what appears. It’s a good palette cleanser and feels like a treat. Here are a few things I’ve made over the last couple of months.

Practice - Brush Lettering (& Video Editing)

I've been really enjoying making my Sunday drawing videos but when I found myself wide awake at 6am the other morning, I thought I'd make a little something different. I love the flow of ink on the page when I'm brush lettering and a short video can capture this so nicely. My editing is very imperfect still but it's so nice learning, choosing music and creating something small to share.

If you want to learn more about brush lettering, have a little look at my brush lettering website.

New Brush Lettering Website

Anyone who knows me knows I love a project. I've been spending some time resetting my creative mind but find it difficult to do nothing! So I've been enjoying getting back into brush lettering. I went to some workshops a couple of years ago and wanted to remind myself how relaxing and meditative it is. A while ago I thought about writing an online course but had a rethink and decided to simply share what I've learnt for anyone else who wants to get started.

I created a little website to do just that. Please click on the picture below to take a look.